Giving Tuesday Now: We are called to make a difference.

THANK YOU for your generosity! Because of our caring GSA members and Sections, we have reached over $70,000—surpassing our goal to add to the GSA CARES student assistance fund. Along with contributions from GSA and the GSA Foundation, we now have nearly $185,000 to distribute to students whose educational progress has been affected by COVID-19. We have until May 31 to support our student members.

On May 5, 2020, people around the world came together to tap into the power of something that GSA already lives by: our sense of community to support one another.

During this critical time, people everywhere are experiencing unexpected challenges. GSA and the GSA Foundation have each committed $50,000 to create GSA CARES: GSA COVID-19 Assistance and Relief Effort for Students. We hope you, our members, will help match this with another $50,000 so that we may distribute $150,000 in immediate assistance to our students, those who will be stepping into ever-vital future roles in the geosciences.

GSA CARES kicked off on Tuesday, May 5, #GivingTuesdayNow. “Giving Tuesday,” a well-known event held the week after Thanksgiving, added this global day of giving to help address the immediate needs caused by COVID-19. Contributions will be accepted through the end of May, so that GSA can distribute funds in a timely manner to students.

The magnitude of this pandemic is having significant effects on students, who make up about 30% of our membership: lives, academic studies, employment, fieldwork, research, and much more are disrupted. GSA and the GSA Foundation want to offer financial support to GSA student members during this difficult time, awarding $150 or more (depending on the total raised) to those whose educational progress has been impeded by the outbreak. Student applications will open on the GSA website in coming weeks.

And, the recent CARES Act provides a tax benefit if you join us in GSA CARES: the bill allows for up to $300/individual in charitable contributions to be an above-the-line deduction, meaning you don’t have to itemize to claim the deduction. That amount could provide support to two students!

Let’s rally together in the true sense of community that is GSA to show our students how much we care about them and their wellbeing, their futures, and their vital role as our next generation of geoscientists.

All of us at the GSA Foundation sincerely hope that you and your families remain healthy and well during this unprecedented time.



We are called to make a difference. Farouk El-Baz and student.