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The Foundation’s priorities are GSA’s—to create an environment where members can advance the frontiers of science by promoting research and discovery, enhancing public awareness of the role science plays in addressing societal needs, and ensuring a diverse and skilled professional geoscience community.

In order to meet these objectives, the Foundation plays a crucial role in generating support from members/donors of the Society. Giving back through the Foundation allows current and future donors an opportunity to support GSA programs that align with their philanthropic interests and priorities.
Margaret Eggers, GSA past chair.
“Why give back?”… It’s a good question. The one thing that resonated with me throughout my early career and education was that I have been lucky enough to have had teachers, professors, and colleagues who made a huge positive impact on my education and career. The mentoring, advising, and the opportunities and experiences these people provided me made consequential, positive impacts on my path all the way throughout my career. The older I get, the more I see how impactful these positive contributions by others have been. I think it is critical that young scientists coming up through college and into their early career should also have as many opportunities as possible. Financial support of GSA’s mentoring and research support programs like “On to the Future,” and the many other student research grants, are ways I can personally make an impact on young scientific professionals. These are ways of ensuring that a career in Geosciences will continue to be a road many others will be able to enjoy and value as much I have. It truly is “paying it forward.”

—Margaret Eggers, GSAF Past Chair

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