GSA 2017 in Seattle

Thank you for visiting us at the GSA Annual Meeting in Seattle!

22–25 October
Seattle, Washington, USA


Senior Members and Friends—Keep your eyes out for an invitation to this afternoon reception hosted jointly by GSA Foundation and GSA.

Penrose Circle and Student Awards Reception—Please be sure to RSVP for this event; we look forward to honoring our Penrose donors and student awardees!

Explore Field Work, Past, Present, and Future at the GSA Foundation Booth

We invite you to take a journey through time, starting in field camp days of yore, stepping into current mapping examples and field camps, and traveling into the future of field geology including planetary exploration.

See examples of equipment used in the field long ago, side-by-side with technology geologists use today—on our planet, and beyond. Stop by to hear brief talks in keeping with each day’s theme:

  • Monday: The History of Field Mapping
  • Tuesday: The 2017 Field Camp Excellence Award Winner on current-day field camps
  • Wednesday: Mapping on Mars

Be sure to see the display of Brunton compasses and their evolution over the years. A map by Florence Bascom will be onsite, juxtaposed with the first-ever high-resolution geologic map of one of America’s most iconic natural landmarks—both entailing painstaking processes of rather different natures.

Be first in line for limited, different giveaways at various times throughout the meeting! We look forward to seeing you in Seattle.

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