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The GSA Foundation has selected Dr. Christopher Grant Maples, as the next GSAF President. He replaces Dr. John W. (Jack) Hess, who has been the President of The Foundation since January 2015.

Dr. Maples earned his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees at Indiana University and his B.S. at West Georgia College. He has held senior leadership positions at both geoscience centers (Department Chair, Geological Sciences, Indiana University; executive vice president for research, Desert Research Institute) and technology-focused universities (president, Oregon Institute of Technology; interim chancellor, Missouri University of Science and Technology). Currently, he is the interim president at the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA). He also has served at the National Science Foundation and the Kansas Geological Survey. In addition, he has some 16 years of continual advanced leadership training at several prestigious institutions. He is a GSA Fellow and a Fellow of the Paleontological Society.

The Foundation Board feels that he has excellent skills as both a manager and fundraiser and will help us expand our ranks of friends and donors to the Society.

Dr. Maples will join GSAF in July of this year. The Foundation gives its most sincere thanks to Jack Hess for many years of thoughtful, bold, and very successful leadership and we welcome Chris Maples into our family.

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