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Norely Faz attended GSA Connects as a non-geology major but still found connection and professional inspiration with the help of the OTF program.

What was the most impactful aspect of your OTF experience?

The most impactful aspect of my OTF experience was being around my peers in similar fields of interest. Seeing the amazing research being conducted made me fully realize that my future is within my grasp.

What do you remember most from GSA 2022?

I remember getting to the conference center every day and attending presentations in diverse fields of geoscience.

What was your mentorship experience like? Would you consider returning to serve as a mentor?

My mentor was an extremely nice person. I felt a bit left out during the GSA conference as I’m not a geology major, but my mentor made sure to introduce me to others within my area of interest. I would definitely consider returning to serve as a mentor. OTF has encouraged me to actively mentor those around me. I have always enjoyed helping others in positions that I once was in and can only see this desire increasing.

Why should donors support programs like OTF?

Honestly, without OTF I am not sure how confident I would be in my research. This was my first conference and it made me feel stronger in my expertise. I am now better prepared for my future and hope that this program continues so that others might experience similar things.


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