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Katy Sementelli is a petroleum geoscientist with Woodside Energy. Katy has over 20 years of experience across the globe in various scales of the upstream business. Her areas of expertise include sequence stratigraphy, clastic sedimentology, and clastic reservoir characterization. Katy is from Erie, PA, and earned a Bachelor of Science from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2000. Katy then embarked in the move south to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and completed a Master’s of Geological Sciences studying seismic sequence stratigraphy. Moving further south, Katy started her career in oil & gas in Houston, TX, and has worked for ExxonMobil, Apache Corporation, Hess, BHP and now Woodside Energy. Katy has worked to explore and develop hydrocarbon resources in onshore and offshore basins in North America, South America, and Africa. In her years as petroleum geoscientist, Katy has held many roles and responsibilities. Her favorite roles include mentor, teacher, recruiter, and subject matter expert in clastic reservoir characterization. She has contributed to numerous conferences and scientific publications as a reviewer, an editor, a panellist, a technical coordinator, and other roles supporting the geoscience community. Katy has a passion for inclusion and diversity in the petroleum industry and geosciences. She is currently lead for Woodside Energy’s Houston-based LGBTQ+ PRIDE group. Katy enjoys visiting outcrops all over the world and has helped teach field-based training in areas such as Montana, California, and Utah. Although Katy has seen geology around the world, her favorite geologic feature remains as the Presque Isle State Park sand spit in Erie, PA. She recommends visiting in mid-Autumn for the spectacular foliage and views of the pristine lagoons. Katy is mother, a wife, an avid endurance triathlete, a guide for visually impaired athletes and is a yoga-instructor-in-training.

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