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David Szymanski, Ph.D., is an associate professor of geology and sustainability at Bentley University in Waltham, MA. He earned his doctorate in geological sciences—as well as MS degrees in geology and forensic chemistry— from Michigan State University. In addition to research interests in the cycling of elements in earth systems, Szymanski is also a forensic scientist, specializing the examination of glass as trace evidence. Before coming to Bentley, he was the 2008–2009 Geological Society of America/U.S. Geological Survey Congressional Science Fellow, working in the U.S. Senate as energy and environmental policy advisor to Sen. Jon Tester of Montana. He has served in numerous GSA leadership roles since, including terms as chair of the Geology and Public Policy Committee and Geology and Society Division. In teaching, Szymanski engages business students in research for nonpartisan policy development on issues of energy, climate change, and natural resources. As the lead investigator on the Business and Science: Integrated Curriculum for Sustainability (BASICS) project, he now conducts pedagogical research on teaching all students the complex, transdisciplinary problems of sustainability in higher education.

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