Charles A. and June R.P. Ross Research Award

The Charles A. and June R.P. Ross Award supports research grants in biostratigraphy, stratigraphy and stratigraphic correlation, paleogeography and paleobiogeography, and interpreting past depositional environments with the intent of understanding plate movements, past sea-level events, and paleoclimates.

2021 Recipients

Bryce Belanger, Vanderbilt University; Project title: “Reconstructing mid-Holocene hydroclimate conditions in the Rocky Mountains, USA”

Kayla Cahoon, Virginia Institute of Marine Science; Project title: “Mapping Transgressive and Regressive Sequences as Indicators of Late-Pleistocene Regional Sea-Level Variability”

Angela Fiorito, Texas Tech University; Project title: “Integrated conodont biostratigraphy and carbon isotope chemostratigraphy of The Frasnes Event (Middle-Upper Devonian)”

Adam Fitch, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Project title: “Evolution of the First Flying Vertebrates (Pterosauria)”

Gabriella Harris, Pennsylvania State University; Project title: “Origins of Icehouse Vegetation in southern South America: Testing for Climate and Isolation-driven Turnover in Eocene Patagonian Fossil Floras”

Jennifer Jones, Savannah State University; Project title: “Calibration of the calcium carbonate clumped isotope paleothermometer for the foraminifera, Ammonia sp.”

Alessandro Mereghetti, University of Maine; Project title: “Megaherbivores niche partitioning in Pleistocene Beringia”

Randolph Rutledge, George Mason University; Project title: “Paleo-oxygenation and Uranium Isotope Behavior in Lower Mississippian Black Shales of North America”