Charles A. and June R.P. Ross Research Award

The Charles A. and June R.P. Ross Award supports research grants in biostratigraphy, stratigraphy and stratigraphic correlation, paleogeography and paleobiogeography, and interpreting past depositional environments with the intent of understanding plate movements, past sea-level events, and paleoclimates.

2022 Recipients

Teresa Avila, The Ohio State University; Project title: “The role of silicate weathering in cooling of Late Silurian to Early Devonian”

James Beech, University of Southern California; Project title: “Convergent Evolution in Enigmatic Trilobites: The Function and Origins of the Harpetid Brim and Trinucleid Fringe”

Madison Gaetano, University of Cincinnati; Project title: “Evaluating the role of female caribou antlers as post-natal mineral supplements”

Anne Kort, Indiana University Bloomington; Project title: “Evolution of lumbar vertebrae in Paleogene mammals”

Jose Marquez, Stanford University; Project title: “Comparing the Hypoxia Tolerance and Temperature Sensitivities of Paleozoic and Modern Marine Fauna”

Noah Slade, Utah State University; Project title: “The Alluvial Deposits of Lower Wahweap Creek: Linking Aggradation with Regional Climate and Local Megafauna Sites in Southern Utah”

Jordan Todes, University of Chicago; Project title: “Pinpointing local, global, and diagenetic controls on unusual Early Triassic carbonate facies and geochemistry”