About the Foundation

The mission of the Geological Society of America Foundation is to develop and provide funds to support the goals and programs of the Geological Society of America. These funds are distributed according to the needs of the Society and in a manner consistent with the desire of the donors.

The Foundation was created in 1980 to raise funds in support of the Decade of North American Geology—the signature event of GSA’s centennial in 1988. The Foundation subsequently secured support for a major expansion of GSA headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. Today, the GSA Foundation continues to serve current and future donors by providing information and solutions that align their philanthropic interests with GSA programs and priorities. Through this partnership with GSA members and corporate supporters, the GSA Foundation is now able to provide over $1 million annually to the Society.

Prominent and dedicated geologists govern the GSA Foundation. Learn more about them.

Download a PDF of the most recent version of the GSA Foundation page in the GSA annual report, the investment committee report, or the auditor’s report.

The GSA Foundation is committed to serving as a trusted partner in achieving your philanthropic objectives. Over the past three years in my role as GSA Foundation President, I have continued to gain an ever greater appreciation for the important role that the Foundation serves in helping support the broad spectrum of GSA programs that advance the mission and vision of the Society. Every gift from members, corporations, and foundations represents a meaningful investment in GSA that impacts thousands of members every year.

Thank you for your most generous support!

John W. (Jack) Hess

Download  a PDF of the GSA Foundation’s Form 990 here.

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