Greatest Needs of GSA

We reached our matching goal! Thanks to the generous support of many GSAF donors we made the original challenge of $10,000 to support GSA’s Greatest Needs with almost two weeks left in June.

But, we are not done: one donor’s generosity has inspired another. A second donor has offered an additional $5,000 match to surpass the original challenge amount, bringing the total matching funds up to $15,000. They will match 1-1 any gift made between now and 30 June. If you didn’t get a chance to give during the first round of matching funds, you now have another opportunity to double the impact of your gift to GSA’s Greatest Needs.

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These funds directly support programs that are essential for the furthering of geoscience—and do not go toward overhead. GSA leadership allocates the funds wherever the current need is greatest in the Society’s priorities: to increase student travel grants or research grant awards, for more On To the Future diversity awards, or to help fund the science policy fellow, to name just a few possible areas. Now more than ever, our Greatest Needs Fund is vital to sustain the very programs that define GSA and allow the Society to respond to those areas most impacted by changing circumstances.

Thanks to the generous support of many GSAF donors we have already raised over $18,000 for Greatest Needs and now with your help we can raise another $20,000 through this matching challenge.

Donate to this fund to make a gift that will help provide flexibility for GSA to strategically apply resources where they are critically needed—to the programs that matter most to furthering our science and advancing the geosciences in society.


GSA’s Greatest Needs Fund supports programs in most critical need.

In addition to supporting programs, scholarships, grants, mentorship, and career programs, your gift will help us:

  • Represent the geosciences in discussions with our nation’s policymakers
  • Recognize scientific achievements and service through awards
  • Provide access to national and regional geosciences meetings.

Your contribution may enable an emerging scientist to present research for the first time, employ a scientist to work on federal lands, or help a student from an underrepresented group to pursue a career in geology. Please help us further our collective mission to advance research and careers in the earth sciences. Donate today.

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