Petroleum Geoscientists Fund for Undergraduate Field Experience and Research

Undergraduate field experience is considered by professionals and employers to be a critical geoscience training experience, and yet…

  • Only 40% of 2016 geoscience bachelor’s candidates participated in field camp; attendance continues to decrease.
  • Rising field camp costs are increasingly prohibitive to students.
  • Corporate funding for field camp scholarships and student research has dramatically shrunk in the last 5 years.

Support undergraduate field experience by becoming part of the Petroleum Geoscientists Fund for Undergraduate Field Experience and Research.

What is the purpose of the fund?

  • The purpose of the fund is to support the ability of undergraduate geoscience students to participate in field camp or other field-related training opportunities to hone their field skills and find their geoscience passion.

What makes this fund unique?

  • This is one of a small number of sources of field camp financial support. Also, this fund underscores the value of undergraduate field experience as realized by industry career geoscientists.

Who will benefit from the fund?

  • Initially, the focus of the fund will be to support undergraduate field camp. Any geoscience undergraduate may apply for a geoscience field camp scholarship. A fixed award of $2,000 will be given to as many applicants as the fund can support. Scholarships will be awarded in consideration of merit and need. Once the fund has reached an adequate size, undergraduate research grants will also be awarded.

Where are donations expected to come from?

  • The fund intends to attract donations from professional geoscientists in the energy industry.

How will the fund be managed?

  • Donations will be collected, managed, and awarded to students by the Geological Society of America and the GSA Foundation as guided by a committee of industry career geologists.

How will funds be allocated?

  • Initially, 60% of annually collected funds will be distributed as field camp scholarships. The remaining 40% will go to growing an associated endowment. The proportion of annual collections allocated to the endowment will decrease as it grows. Simultaneously, additional funding will be allocated to the field camp scholarship and research grant awards will be initiated. Decisions on allocation will be made annually by the fund committee.

How can I ask questions about the fund or committee?

students looking at map in the field