Stephen E. Dwornik Planetary Geoscience Student Award

The Dwornik Award recognizes the best paper or poster presented at the annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Applicants may be U.S citizens or international students studying in the United States.

2021 Recipients

Graduate Oral – Samuel Cartwright, University of Nevada, Reno; Project title: “Identification of Spectral End Members in the Martian South Polar Residual Cap”

Hon. Mention – Grad Oral – Brynna Downey, University of California Santa Cruz; Project title: “Early Dynamical Evolution of the Moon with a Subsurface Magma Ocean”

Graduate Poster – Chase Chivers, Georgia Institute of Technology; Project title: “Thermal and Chemical Evolution of Small, Shallow Water Bodies on Europa”

Hon. Mention – Grad Poster – Rebecca Hahn, North Carolina State University; Project title: “A New Study of Shield Fields and Their Spatial Relationships on Venus”

Undergraduate Oral – Lisette Melendez, University of South Florida; Project title: “Quantifying the Environmental Response to Deglaciation in Martian Craters During the Late Amazonian”

Hon. Mention – Undergrad Oral – Claire Blaske, Arizona State University; Project title: “Energetic Requirements for Dynamos in the Metallic Cores of Super-Earth and Super-Venus Exoplanets” 

Undergraduate Poster – Ari Essunfeld, Yale University; Project title: “Attribute Recognition for Grouping Elevated-Manganese ChemCam Targets by Visual Characteristics”

Hon. Mention – Undergrad Poster – Kierra Wilk, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Project title: “Characterizing Unusual Deposits at Ius Chasma, Mars”