Tim Wawrzyniec Research Fund

The Tim Wawrzyniec Fund honors the life and contributions of Tim Wawrzyniec and supports graduate and undergraduate student research field work in the Rockies and the Colorado Plateau, with preference for projects in the following areas; structure, tectonics, paleomagnetism, petrology, petroleum geology, and Quaternary geomorphology.

2022 Recipients

Matthew Aleksey, University of Wisconsin – Madison; Project title: “Late Cretaceous-Paleogene history of the SW Cordillera: structural analysis of the Quitobaquito thrust fault, SW AZ”

Luke Basler, University of Idaho; Project title: “Testing models of orogen collapse in the northern U.S. Rocky Mountains using stable isotope paleoaltimetry”

Carlos Montejo, University of Idaho; Project title: “Quantifying Exhumation Related to the Yellowstone Hotspot Using Detrital Thermochronology on mid-Miocene to Present Sediments in the Gallatin Valley, Gallatin County, MT”