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The GSA Foundation congratulates GSA’s On To the Future (OTF) Initiative on a new partnership with the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and UNAVCO!

This partnership was established thanks to the hard work of Tahlia Bear, GSA’s Diversity and Career Officer, and is a three-year initiative funded by the National Science Foundation. The Professional Development Pathways to Diversifying the Geosciences Workforce project will target underrepresented minorities in GSA’s On to the Future initiative, and offer support to participants to attend professional development workshops focused on acquiring soft skills (written and oral communication skills related to internship/fellowship applications) at multiple GSA conference venues (annual and geographic section meetings) annually. The goal of this effort is to provide participants with academic/career pipeline supplemental professional training to enhance the quantity and quality of internship/fellowship applications, and ultimately aid their transition to the geosciences workforce.

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