Continental Scientific Drilling Division Fund

The purpose of the fund is to support activities of the Continental Scientific Drilling Interdisciplinary Interest Group (IIG) and/or Division, including research awards, meetings, or other activities within the mission of IIG and/or Division.

2022 Recipients

John Dilworth, University of Kentucky; Project title: “Testing linkages between human land-use change and sediment pollution in the northern Great Plains, USA”

Sarah Dunn, Colorado State University; Project title: “Post-fire sediment retention to enhance watershed resilience to wildfire”

Branson Harris, University of Oklahoma; Project title: “A Paleozoic Investigation of Glacial Till in Unaweep Canyon, CO: Exploring the Implications of High-Altitude Paleozoic Glaciation”

Ran He, The Pennsylvania State University; Project title: “Siderite Clumped Isotope Systematics during Modern Meteoric Diagenesis”

Oliver McLellan, The Ohio State University; Project title: “Diatom-based paleoenvironmental reconstructions of Ohio’s inland lacustrine systems”

Anna Ryan, Dalhousie University; Project title: “Storm-driven deposition of atmospheric microplastic in remote Atlantic Canada”

Shifat Monami, Auburn University; Project title: “Geochemical Modeling and Experimental-Based Bioremediation of Molybdenum and Arsenic-contaminated Groundwater with Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria”