Continental Scientific Drilling Division Fund

The purpose of the fund is to support activities of the Continental Scientific Drilling Interdisciplinary Interest Group (IIG) and/or Division, including research awards, meetings, or other activities within the mission of IIG and/or Division.

2021 Recipients

Catherine Gagnon, Brown University; Project title: “Stable isotope-based Pliocene to present hydroclimate reconstruction from Clayton Valley, NV”

Sarah Katz, University of Michigan; Project title: “Tropical climate and hydrologic variability from 609-530 kyr BP (MIS14/15) at Lake Junín, Peru”

Joseph Novak, University of California, Santa Cruz; Project title: “Fire’s Role in Ecosystem Change: Insights from Lake Baikal”

Meredith Parish, Brown University; Project title: “Controls on tropical precipitation across the mid-Pleistocene Transition”

Marina Souza, Queen’s University; Project title: “Secular changes in sedimentary geochemistry across the Archean–Proterozoic (2.5–2.2 Ga) boundary”

Laura Streib, Syracuse University; Project title: “Refining the age model for 1.3 Ma Lake Malawi drill core using optically stimulated luminescence dating”

Angela Torres-Zamora, The University of Kansas; Project title: “Controls on Deposition and Reservoir Character of Atypical Shallow-Water Tropical Carbonate Systems: Miocene, Cicuco Field, NW Colombia”

Yezi Yang, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Project title: “Investigating the connection between LIP volcanism and marine anoxia across the late Early Cambrian extinctions in Virginia utilizing sedimentary iron and mercury”