El-Baz Research Grant

The El-Baz grant  is to encourage and support desert studies by students world-wide either in their senior year of their undergraduate studies, or at the Masters or Ph.D. level.

2021 Recipients

Mohamed Elhebery, Western Michigan University; Project title: “Origin of mega-streamlined landforms in the Saharan-Arabian Desert”

Julianne Scamardo, Colorado State University; Project title: “Watershed-scale connectivity in ephemeral streams: identifying sediment sources to floodplains in dryland catchments”

2022 Recipients

Carson Broaddus, University of Montana; Project title: “Sedimentological and Diagenetic Framework of Arid Delta Systems–The Effect of Early Diagenesis on Morphology, Stratigraphic Architecture, and Aquifer Dynamics”

Yuval Shmilovitz, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Project title: “Controls and impacts of short-duration extreme rainstorms on long-term arid slope evolution”