Lipman Research Award

The Lipman Research Fund promotes and supports student research grants in volcanology and petrology.

2022 Recipients

Lindsey Abdale, The University of British Columbia; Project title: “Short-wave infrared spectroscopy of REE-bearing minerals from the Mount Grace extrusive carbonatite, southeastern British Columbia (Canada)”

Brooke Benz, University of Missouri, Kansas City; Project title: “Magma Storage Conditions at Askja Volcano, Iceland”

Mariana Berger, The Ohio State University; Project title: “Understanding the dominate processes influencing the calcium isotopic signature in cold seep barites from the Gulf of Mexico”

Sarah Brooker, University of Texas at Austin; Project title: “Stable Isotope Composition as a Tracer of Ancient Subduction”

César Bucheli Olaya, Missouri State University; Project title: “Understanding the interaction between magmatic processes, volatile budgets, and eruptive style in Central Andean volcanoes: constrains to the plumbing systems of Lascar and Uturuncu”

Weiming Ding, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; Project title: “A systematic investigation of stable cerium (Ce) isotope systematics and its potential application to reconstruction of paleoenvironmental conditions”

Joy Foluso, University of California, Davis; Project title: “The Investigation of the Concentration and Isotopic ratios of CO2 in fluids as a Proxy for Mantle Processes in Rifting”

Elmer Gonzalez, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez; Project title: “Identifying Ore Deposits in Puerto Rico by using Geochemistry of Surface Waters”

Alexander Holmwood, University of Nevada, Reno; Project title: “Temporal evolution of the Majuba Hill Cu-(Sn) deposit, Pershing County, Nevada”

Jessica Johnson, University of New Mexico; Project title: “Understanding Fluid-Rock Interactions in Skarn Development via Skarn Garnets in New Mexico and New York”

Tess Johnson, East Carolina University; Project title: “Constraints on subvolcanic magma plumbing system evolution from Crystal Size Distribution analysis of igneous groundmass”

Nathaniel Lenhard, Missouri State University; Project title: “Geochemical Comparison of the Chasca Orkho Series and Magmatic Inclusions at Volcán Ollagüe, Central Volcanic Zone, Northern Chile”

Charles Lewis, Oregon State University; Project title: “The Chaxas Volcanic Center: Revealing Protracted Magmatic Lifecycles in High-Flux Arc Settings”

Mary Macquistan, University of British Columbia; Project title: “The origin of exotic barium silicate minerals in the Cordillera: Characterization and comparison of the Gun occurrence (Yukon Territory) and localities in California”

Emily McQuarrie, Western Washington University; Project title: “Using marine sediments off Grays Harbor to reconstruct deglaciation of the Puget Lobe of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet”

Cissy Ming, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Project title: “A tale of two reservoirs: Geochemical drivers impacting effectiveness of hypolimnetic oxygenation for manganese treatment”

Venkata Sailaja Pappala, North Carolina State University; Project title: “Experimental determination of controls on lithium isotopic fractionation during water-vermiculite interactions in low temperature settings: Implication for continental silicate weathering”

Jason Parsons, State University of New York at Buffalo; Project title: “The first complete rheological map of basalt at emplacement conditions”

Mollie Pope, University of Wyoming; Project title: “Apatite as an indicator of water contents in magmatic source regions”

Nanci Reyes Guzman, Miami University; Project title: “Initiation of the 2021 La Palma eruption: constraining the eruption trigger and timing by U-series disequilibria and olivine diffusion profiling”

Carli Schmidt, Northern Illinois University; Project title: “An experimental investigation of gold incorporation into bornite, intermediate solid solution (ISS), and pyrrhotite: Implications for constraining gold distribution in porphyry ore deposits”

Ashley Thrower, Louisiana State University; Project title: “A new method for determining temperatures in geothermal systems: Application of intersector chemical zoning of tourmaline”

Simin Zhao, Georgia Institute of Technology; Project title: “Effects of mineral substrates on authigenic clay precipitation in reverse weathering process”