Lipman Research Award

The Lipman Research Fund promotes and supports student research grants in volcanology and petrology.

2021 Recipients

Bryce Brown, New Mexico State University; Project title: “Ra/Th Dating of Potassium Feldspar Crystals in Trachytes from the Las Cañadas Caldera, Tenerife, Spain”

Karoline Bruckel, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Project title: “What triggers supereruptions? Insights into the remobilization of silicic magma systems from quartz melt channels”

Watsawan Chanchai, The Pennsylvania State University; Project title: “A Carbonate Multi-Proxy Reconstruction of Oceanic Oxygenation during the Basal Cambrian Carbon Isotope Excursion (BACE)”

Kristi Dobra, University of Pittsburgh; Project title: “Using Barium Isotopes to Trace Oil and Gas Produced Water in Sediment”

Alyssa Endrich, Kansas State University; Project title: “Petrogenesis of Cenozoic Basalts”

Yihang Fang, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Project title: “The role of dissolved silica in the formation of sedimentary dolomite: evidence from the Silurian Burnt Bluff Formation, Wisconsin”

Samuel Grandy, California State University Sacramento; Project title: “Late Miocene-Pliocene Volcanism in the Sierra San Francisco, Central Baja California Peninsula, Mexico: Implications for Mantle Processes and Regional Tectonic Development”

Jaclyn Hager, Northern Arizona University; Project title: “Using anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) to determine the flow characteristics of a pyroclastic density current”

Mckenna Holliday, University of Florida; Project title: “Geochemical characterization of clinker profiles in Custer National Forest, Montana.”

Abigail Martens, University of South Florida; Project title: “Pre-eruptive crystallization conditions in the past 25 Ma at Martinique Island as revealed by textural and chemical variation in phenocrysts.”

Julia McIntosh, Southern Methodist University; Project title: “Measuring stable and radio isotopes of clay minerals from Pennsylvanian-aged paleosols to assess diagenetic mechanisms in the Illinois Basin”

Dana Mineart, Iowa State University; Project title: “Constraining continental emerges: Proterozoic ocean crust as a record of seawater isotopes”

Alireza Namayandeh, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Project title: “Impact of oxyanion surface complexes mode and strength on the nucleation and growth of goethite and hematite during ferrihydrite transformation”

Samuel Oxhorn, University of Georgia; Project title: “Western Aleutian Volcanism; Differentiation of Holocene Kiska Magmas”

Natalie Packard, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Project title: “Determining the temperature dependence of triple oxygen isotope fractionation during acid digestion of carbonate minerals”

Emily Persinger, Saint Louis University; Project title: “Using remote sensing to predict nutrient pollution events associated with the suspended load for the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers”

Amy Plechacek, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Project title: “Assessing radium leaching potential from stratigraphic units within the Midwestern Cambrian-Ordovician aquifer system

Calli Provenza, Oklahoma State University; Project title: “Hydrothermal Source Proxy Using Noble Metals”

Mark Radwin, University of Utah; Project title: “Extreme diagenesis and chemical evolution in southwest Australia: observations from mineralogy”

Gabriela Ramirez, Missouri University of Science and Technology; Project title: “Platinum-Group Element Concentrations in Tropical Lake Sediments in the Exploration of Nickel Laterite Deposits”

William Ward, Western Washington University; Project title: “Reconstructing changes in precipitation triggered by ancient global warming”

Nitzan Yanay, The University of Arizona; Project title: “Weathering of Himalayan carbonates, the marine 87Sr/86Sr record and implications for Cenozoic cooling”

Qin Zhang, University of Calgary; Project title: “Experimental Determination of Glauconite Carbonation Kinetics”

Simin Zhao, Georgia Institute of Technology; Project title: “The effects of Fe2+ concentration on the early diagenesis of biogenic silica in reverse weathering”