Richard B. and Cynthia W. Waitt Research Award for Field-based Research

The purpose of the Waitt fund is to support graduate student research grants in the field of surficial geology (e.g., mapping and/or stratigraphy, field sedimentology, or geomorphology) through the Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division (QG&G). The grant is intended to encourage substantial fieldwork: geologic research carried out largely in the field, rather than sample collection for laboratory-based projects. Equally with Quaternary geology, the award may go to a student doing such substantial field-based research in physical volcanology of fragmental materials.

2022 Recipient

Mahmud Muhammad, Simon Fraser University; Project title: “Natural Hazard Assessment in Southern British Columbia: Insights from structural Geology, Geotechnical Numerical Modelling and Radar Remote Sensing”