Southeastern Section Fund

The Southeastern Section Fund provides student support, meeting travel grants, research, field camps, undergraduate programs, awards, and similar activities that benefit the education and field training of earth science students.

2022 Recipients

Sarah Arpin, University of Kentucky; Project title: “Hydrogeology of Silvertip Mountain, Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana”

Evelyn Boyd, Clemson University; Project title: “dentifying opportunities and challenges in undergraduate research recruitment”

Jeanette deCuba, Florida International University; Project title: “Benthic Foraminiferal Response to the BP Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill”

Gavin Gleasman, Clemson University; Project title: “Impacts of Tropical Cyclone Activity on Coastal Carbon Cycling: An Historical Approach Using Paleotempestology Methods”

Shifat Monami, Auburn University; Project title: “Geochemical Modeling and Experimental-Based Bioremediation of Molybdenum and Arsenic-contaminated Groundwater with Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria”

Tyler Smith, Auburn University; Project title: “Using Virtual Field Experiences to Increase Accessibility and Inclusion in the Geosciences”

Md Riaz Uddin, Auburn University; Project title: “Geochemical and mineralogical studies of salt water-intruded and Arsenic (As)-contaminated coastal aquifers of southwestern Bangladesh”

Ismail Yasar, Auburn University; Project title: “Testing the zipper hypothesis for Alleghanian and Variscan Orogenies”