Southeastern Section Fund

The Southeastern Section Fund provides student support, meeting travel grants, research, field camps, undergraduate programs, awards, and similar activities that benefit the education and field training of earth science students.

2021 Recipients

Shannon Brink, East Carolina University; Project title: “Analysis and Development of of Passive Nitrogen and E. coli Remediation Technologies”

Felicia Edwards, East Carolina University; Project title: “Statistical analysis of shallow magma system construction, Henry Mountains, Utah”

Junyao Kang, Virginia Tech; Project title: “Using SIMS to investigate the Neoproterozoic superheavy pyrite problem”

Morrison Nolan, Virginia Tech; Project title: “Mercury content and isotope data as a means of refining stratigraphic correlation of Ediacaran black shales from the Doushantuo Formation”

Mahir Tajwar, Auburn University; Project title: “Petrofacies Evolution and Detrital Geochronology of Pennsylvanian Lee Formation in the Central Appalachians.”

Sheri Williams, East Carolina University; Project title: “Quantitative structural analysis of the Brevard fault zone as an orogenic channel flow backstop within the North Carolina Appalachians”

Ismail Yasar, Auburn University; Project title: “Thermal History of the Ross Orogen, Southern and Central Transantarctic Mountains”