Funding Priorities

The Foundation’s priorities are GSA’s–to create an environment where members and organizations can advance the frontiers of science by promoting research and discovery, ensuring a diverse and skilled professional geoscience community, and enhancing public awareness of the role science plays in addressing societal needs. These priorities aim to grow the strength, leadership, and impact of geoscience today and tomorrow. We have a shared opportunity to pursue the best possible future for our field, with enormous possibilities for leadership in these four broad areas.

From its first published proceedings in 1890, the Geological Society of America has existed to advance and share the extraordinary promise of geoscience. Across our many decades, we have seen industries, technologies, and frontiers of knowledge rise and fall; we have seen the landscape of geoscience shift around us, often through the leadership of our own members. Through every change, our deepest commitment has remained constant: to support our science with the full range of tools and tactics available to us.

  • Open Access Journals:  As of January 2018, GSA has transitioned two of its prominent journals, Geosphere and Lithosphere, to 100% open access. They have “open access” online distribution, free of charge to all readers around the world.
  • Scientific Meetings Vibrant meetings remain a critical resource for communicating ideas within and beyond our field.
  • E-an Zen Fund This fund honors the vision Dr. Zen put forward in his 1992 presidential address, of GSA’s role “to accept our public obligation to be good citizen-geologists” through diligent efforts to communicate science for the public benefit.
  • GSA Geologic Mapping Award in Honor of Florence Bascom:  This award recognizes distinguished geoscientists whose outstanding geological mapping has led to a greater understanding of fundamental geological processes and concepts. The Foundation is seeking additional gifts to secure a permanent fund to cover travel and meeting expenses associated with presenting the award at GSA Annual Meetings.

The future of our field—and the brightest future for our world—depend on the young geoscientists we engage today. The next generation of scientists can bring a new and exceptional diversity of backgrounds and strengths to their work. As early career research, fellowship, and mentorship opportunities increase, our field’s pipeline of workforce-ready, trained professionals does, too.

GSA is strengthening its commitment to these rising innovators, explorers, and leaders.

Through GSA’s work with educators, graduate students, and early career professionals, we promote, support, and inspire earth science learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom.

As the education landscape in the United States shifts, GSA’s emphasis on teaching and learning across ages and levels is more critical than ever. The demand for comprehensive and engaging STEM resources has grown—as has the need for experienced and dynamic teachers, who are equipped to bring a strong scientific focus to the classroom.


Every day on Capitol Hill, lawmakers and leaders create and enact the policies that fund the majority of earth science research; regulate natural resources and drive energy exploration; and shape the broader landscape of science education. We must ensure that wherever these critical issues are discussed, geoscience is at the table.

GSA represents the combined strength of our field, bringing together the perspectives of industry and academia, students and the public sector within a comprehensive vision founded in strong science. As a trusted partner, convener, and collaborator, we are able to work across the science and professional society worlds, as well as across the aisle, to magnify our impact.

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