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Please visit this page regularly for fund updates and to find out about new fund efforts.

As its name suggests, our Greatest Needs Fund provides critical resources for the programs you respect and value. The special fund ensures that we have flexible support that we can direct where available funds may not be enough to meet the need.

Vicki McConnell, our Executive Director, describes it this way:

“The GSA Greatest Needs fund provides critical finances to directly benefit many of our defining programs, which you have come to know and value. For example, I can assign the funds to increase student travel grants, to increase research grant awards, to help fund our science policy fellow, and to increase our On To the Future diversity awards—in short, to meet our most pressing needs for our science and our future.” 

By this time of year, the need is especially great because GSA leadership is getting a picture of what programs still require support to be viable. Will you make a contribution today? Click the DONATE button at the top right of your screen.

Amy Moser standing at edge of canyon

Amy Moser doing fieldwork in Clark’s Fork Canyon in northern Wyoming. Programs like this one benefit from our Greatest Needs Fund.

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