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Please visit this page regularly for fund updates and to find out about new fund efforts.

We of the Foundation engage with you a great deal about field camp because (1) it remains a critical component for students pursuing geoscience and (2) it is an area in which we can provide substantial assistance. The cost of attending field camp can be prohibitive, particularly now when the COVID-19 pandemic has made already difficult financial situations that much worse. Many GSA student members have benefited from this support over the years, and you, our members, understand the need for, and value of, these scholarships.

We aim to raise funds to help at least 20 students to attend field camp—whether in person, or virtual—next summer. If you have not yet done so, will you make a gift to the J. David Lowell Field Camp Scholarship Program by clicking the DONATE button at the top right? Your support will help students like Maria, Natalea, Quentin, Selena, Daniel, Lana, and Priscilla attend field camp to gain the skills and knowledge to pursue geoscience in a changing world.


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