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The Annual Meeting is less than two weeks away, and the GSA Foundation will be there with information on the many important programs and initiatives we support—and, of course, with fun activities and giveaways along the way!

Stop by our booth to test your expertise in identifying our Board of Trustees’ favorite rocks and minerals. If you can dig deep and “rock” our quiz, you could win a daily prize. Members of our newly named Tektonikos student giving circle should also come by to receive a special thank-you gift. Did you know that we have more than 1100 students who give back to GSA? Here’s a group that doesn’t take the support they’ve received for “granite.” Additionally, we will be handing out ribbons to recognize members of our Penrose, Pardee, and Tektonikos giving groups. Finally, we will have several limited-edition items to give away, including a special bandana exclusive to the 2018 Annual Meeting—and it is pretty “gneiss,” if we say so ourselves.

Come by the GSA Foundation booth anytime during the Annual Meeting to participate and to learn more about ways you can make an impact on GSA programs.

David Williams speaking at Foundation Booth in 2017 person presenting at Foundation booth in 2017

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