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students looking at map in the fieldThe GSA Foundation is excited to announce the new Petroleum Geoscientists Fund for Undergraduate Field Experience and Research! This fund is unique because it was initiated and started by a group of industry career geoscientists and underscores the value of undergraduate field experience as realized by them. It is also one of a small number of sources of field camp financial support.

Did you know?

Undergraduate field experience is considered by professionals and employers to be a critical geoscience training experience, and yet…

  • Only 40% of 2016 geoscience bachelor’s degree candidates participated in field camp; attendance continues to decrease.
  • Rising field camp costs are increasingly prohibitive to students.
  • Corporate funding for field camp scholarships and student research has dramatically shrunk in the last 5 years.


YOU can help support the undergraduate field experience by becoming part of the Petroleum Geoscientists Fund for Undergraduate Field Experience and Research effort.

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