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Jack in earlier BSA daysHess with medalThe GSA Foundation staff congratulates Jack Hess who was recognized with the Silver Buffalo Award by the Boy Scouts of America on 25 May 2018.

Created in 1925, the Silver Buffalo Award for distinguished service to youth is awarded to those persons who give noteworthy and extraordinary service, either independent of or directly through the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), to youth on a national level. This award is scouting’s highest commendation, recognizing the invaluable contributions that outstanding Americans make to youth.

As an Eagle Scout with over 50 years of scouting, Jack has a distinguished record of service with the BSA and has been recognized with numerous awards including the Hornaday Gold Badge, Silver Antelope Award, Order of the Arrow Distinguished Service Award, and the Silver Beaver Award.

Join us in congratulating Jack on this remarkable achievement!

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