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Student and large rock in the field. During the next 24 hours, people around the world will come together to celebrate generosity and make an impact. Our goal this year-end is to raise $50,000 to help 20 students attend the field camp of their choice. We have one more student story to share with you to kick things off.

Kuzipa Kapayi is preparing for the next step in her geoscience career: graduate school. But first she embarked on the trip of a lifetime to field camp.

She says, “During the summer of 2018, I participated in a life-changing field program that focused on sustainability of natural resources and hydrology for the exploration of water quality in southern Africa. The program incorporated a physically and mentally challenging curriculum, which required accumulation of all the knowledge acquired throughout my academic career.” Read more of her story on our Giving Tuesday page.

Click the DONATE button at the top right and make a gift now to our Field Camp Opportunities Fund. You will be helping more students experience field camp as they prepare for the next step in their geoscience careers.

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