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Delcio Teixeira with measuring stickGiving Tuesday is a global day of giving following Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some have already started giving and we are excited about the momentum heading into year-end. Before tomorrow’s kickoff, we have another student story to share with you.

Delcio Teixeira attended field camp in the Wet Mountains overlooking the Cañon City embayment in Colorado.

By the end of camp, he learned that fieldwork provides valuable opportunities not encountered in the classroom. He says, “Field camp improved my ability to perform collaborative work as well as understand that it is very important to work together towards a common goal. I also gained knowledge on local geology and acquired problem-solving skills crucial to execute field tasks, interpret geologic processes, environments of deposition, and establish hypotheses.” Read more about his experience on our Giving Tuesday page.

Click the DONATE button at the top right and make a gift now to our Field Camp Opportunities Fund to help students like Delcio expand their geoscience experience beyond the classroom.

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