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Shirley Mensah in the fieldShirley, a student from Ghana, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in geology with a minor in geographic information sciences at Eastern Illinois University. Shirley received a scholarship from GSAF’s Field Camp Opportunities Fund this past year to help her attend the field camp of her choice.

Shirley attended Western Illinois University’s field camp. Most of her time was spent in South Dakota mapping the Black Hills and other sites. At the beginning of the camp, completing mapping projects was a challenge for Shirley, but by the end, all of that had changed. Read more about her experience on our Giving Tuesday page.

Our goal this year is to raise $50,000 to help 20 students experience field camp and increase their skills, like Shirley did, which will help them in their future as geoscientists.

Mark your calendars and make your gift on Giving Tuesday, or click the DONATE button at the top right and make a gift now to our Field Camp Opportunities Fund.

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